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Jeung-Hyun Lee

Stress & Computational psychiatry, Decision-making neuroscience

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Ski camp with CCS lab

Winter ski trip with lab members! We attened KHBM 2023 during the trip.

Presenting at the 10-10 iSRC symposium

I gave a presentation at the first 10-10 iSRC symposium of 2023. The goal of 10-10 iSRC grant is to encourage and support collaboration among differe...


Visiting Dr. Josh Brown's lab in Indiana University

I visited Dr. Josh Brown and his lab in Indiana University Bloomington, IND. Staying around for a week, I learned A-Z about the vaping device compati...

Presenting at Topics in Psychological Sciences, 2022 Fall

I gave a presentation to the class of Topics in Psycholoical Sciences (M1308.00160). The course normally invites experts from each field to hold semi...

2022 Society for Neuroscience in San Diego

I attended 2022 Society for Neuroscience held in-person in San Diego, CA, November 12-16. Truly blessed to enjoy cool work from the scientists and ha...

2022 BCS Open lab

I attended 2022 Open lab Day hosted by the Student Council of Department of Brain & Cognitive Science of Seoul Natiinal University. This event i...

2022 Computational Psychiatry Course as a TA

I served as a teaching assistant for the tutorials on Reinforcement Learning/hBayesDM taught by Young at the 2022 Computational Psychiatry Course org...

2022 KHBM summer school

I attended 2022 Summer school hosted by Korean Society for Human Brain Mapping in Ramada hotel, Pyeongchang. This year’s summer school was held in-pe...

2nd place in the SNU on-campus contest

I placed the 2nd in the SNU on-campus contest! This contest, hosted by the Office of Students, was an idea contest for a green campus and win-win rel...

CCS Lab meets SNU spring festival

CCS Lab members meet SNU festival! Enjoyed spring breeze on Beodul-gol and won some prizes!

First in-person international conference (SOBP 2022)!

The annual meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry was held in Hilton, New Orleans, LA. It lasted for four days with the general theme of Pos...

SNU Grduate Scholarship for Basic Science Research

I won the SNU Graduate Scholarship for Basic Science Research (20M ₩/year)! As a scholarship student, I am going to report on my teaching assistant and resea...

Presentor of the 2022 BCS Integrative Student Research Collaboration Symposium

In line with winning the award for the BCS Graduate student contest of research proposal, I gave a presentation at the Integrative Student Research C...

Graduation with M.A. in Psychology


2021 End-of-Year CCS Lab party

CCS Lab members gathered up for an end-of-semester lab party! We normally organize some activities but this year, due to a prolonged pandemic situati...

2021 BCS Brain day

I presented a poster at the annual Brain Day of the department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BCS), SNU. The presentation was selected as one of ...

Virtual poster presentation at the SfN 2021!

Poster presentation at AI retreat

I gave a poster presentation at 2021 AI retreat held by SNU Artificial Intelligence Institute. The event was held in-person and it was fun to mingle with res...

2021 BCS Open lab

Research grant from the College of Social Sciences

I won the Research grant from the College of Social Sciences (3 million ₩)! I am planning to use this for needed materials like cortisol assay kits for my pr...


2020 End-of-Semester CCS Lab activity

Spring 2020 End-of-Semester lab activity with CCS lab memers. Team Black’s victory over Team White ended with a score of 3-2 (You can tell I’m in Tea...

Graduation with B.A. in Psychology


Joined the CCS lab


Exchange student at the University of Hong Kong

Joined the LSD lab as an undergraduate R.A.