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Jeung-Hyun Lee

Stress & Computational psychiatry, Decision-making neuroscience

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About me

I am a PhD student in the Computational Clinical Science Lab (March 2022 - Present), majoring in clinical psychology. I received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Seoul National University in February, 2022.

My research interests revolve around the fields of decision making neuroscience and computational psychiatry. Specifically in addiction, where drugs are powerful but not optimal rewards, I am interested in understanding drug-intake decisions from value based choice perspective. I also seek to understand the influence of motivational states on the decision making, such as how stress and craving levels shift values of different options and their neural correlates. Moreoever, I aim to identify effective and reliable predictors of real-life maladaptive decisions in addiction, utilizing naturalistic tasks and real-life data sampling.

Keywords: Computational psychiatry, Decision neuroscience, Stress, Physiological markers