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Jeung-Hyun Lee

Stress & Computational psychiatry, Decision-making neuroscience

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Recent Posts

Ski camp with CCS lab

Winter ski trip with lab members! We attened KHBM 2023 during the trip.

Presenting at the 10-10 iSRC symposium

I gave a presentation at the first 10-10 iSRC symposium of 2023. The goal of 10-10 iSRC grant is to encourage and support collaboration among differe...

Visiting Dr. Josh Brown's lab in Indiana University

I visited Dr. Josh Brown and his lab in Indiana University Bloomington, IND. Staying around for a week, I learned A-Z about the vaping device compati...

Presenting at Topics in Psychological Sciences, 2022 Fall

I gave a presentation to the class of Topics in Psycholoical Sciences (M1308.00160). The course normally invites experts from each field to hold semi...

2022 Society for Neuroscience in San Diego

I attended 2022 Society for Neuroscience held in-person in San Diego, CA, November 12-16. Truly blessed to enjoy cool work from the scientists and ha...