About me


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I am a graduate student at Computational Clinical Science Laboratory (PI: Woo-young Ahn). I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Governance & Leadership from Korea University (Feb 2020).

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Research Interest

I am mainly interested in clinical psychology and decision neuroscience. Particularly, I seek to understand the roles of stress in decision making and how they are implicated in certain psychiatric conditions using neurocomputational and machine learning approaches. I aim to become a scientist who builds tools that help people make better decisions in the realm of psychiatric issues. To this end, I am eager to combine computational modeling and neuroscience with clinical psychology.

Research Experience

Research Assistant (Aug, 2019 ~ Feb, 2020):

I worked as a research assistant at Computational Clincial Science Laboratory (PI: Woo-young Ahn). I designed and led a neuroimaging project regarding effect of acute stress on decision making. Also, I engaged in a few ongoing fMRI projects in the lab.

Research Assistant (May, 2018 ~ Aug, 2019):

I worked as an undergraduate research assistant at Laboratory of Social Decision Neuroscience (PI: Hackjin Kim). I designed and led a fMRI project aiming to reveal neural mechanism of prosocial behavior under stress.

University of Hong Kong (Jan, 2018 ~ May, 2018):

I studied in University of Hong Kong as an exchange student for a semester. I took courses from the Department of Psychology and also led a term project in Social Psychology (PSYC 2020).